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  • Welcome to Canoe Cheshire

    Here at Canoe Cheshire we specialise in Kayak and Canoe coaching, from beginners to acomplished paddlers, we are able to provide you with knowledge, skills and understanding that will improve your ability and enjoyment of one of the fastest growing and most exciting sports in the United Kingdom. 

    Canoeing and Kayaking offer a huge range of experiences, from the adrenaline fueled world of White Water river running, the peaceful and slow pace of day trip down a meandering river with a picnic, exploring Britain's coastline and wildlife in Sea Kayaks, to the buzz of competition (Slalom, Polo, and Wild Water racing to name but a few).

    Coaching is not just for competitve athletes, it's important for recreational boater's too!   With quality coaching you will be able to develop skills that allow you to go further, for longer because you will be paddling efficiently and effectively.

    Have a look through our courses and services, the menu at the top of the page divides into Kayaking and Canoeing, links at the bottom allow you to delve straight in...  give us a shout if you'd like to join us, or would like further information.